If it’s preventable, is it still an accident?

We have all been there…The call, the text, sitting in traffic emailing or browsing for the next thing to occupy our time. Resisting these types of dangerous activities has become nearly impossible for many drivers. In today’s mobile connected world, a policy, or some other reactivate approach to safety is not enough.

This is where Dock-n-Lock® can help. When the most effective distracted driving solution is installed and activated in the vehicle, the driver’s temptation to handle and look at the phone is eliminated. While the mobile phone is out of sight and secure, drivers are more focused and most importantly safer.

Simple Steps to Prevent Distracted Driving

  1. A tamper-proof “Smart Tag” authorizing the vehicle to start is placed on the driver’s mobile device.
  2. The driver “docks and locks” their mobile phone inside the locker.
  3. While driving, the mobile phone remains out of sight and secure.

A simple solution to a complex distracted driving problem. While operating the vehicle, the driver will not have the manual, visual, and cognitive distractions caused by texting and talking while driving, putting the focus back on the task at hand…DRIVING!!

Quick Professional Install

Installation by one of our certified installation partners takes about an hour. Install in-dash like a radio or mount it near the driver, you can choose the best location for your drivers’ comfort and ease.