The only distracted driving solution that keeps the mobile phone out of the driver’s hands while driving!

Product Overview

Prevents the dangerous use of mobile phones while driving. The first of its kind capable of eliminating the physical, visual, and cognitive distractions caused by texting and talking while driving.

What could be simpler? Prevent distracted driving by requiring the driver to dock and lock their mobile phone before starting the vehicle. While driving, the mobile phone stays out of reach and sight of the driver, keeping their eyes up, hands on the wheel, and mind on the road.

Universal Compatibility

Works with 99% of mobile phones currently on the market and can be installed in ANY type of vehicle.

Prevent Unsafe Behavior

It only takes a second to make a fatal mistake. Remove the temptation to look and touch the mobile device at all times while driving. Then it’s your choice to eliminate or allow hands-free communication. There is no other product as effective at eliminating dangerous driver distractions caused by mobile phone use while driving.


The professional installation takes about an hour, and any driver can be trained to use the device in less than five minutes.

Easy to Use

Not only simple to set up and train, but continues to be easy to use for as long as it is installed in the vehicle. Drop the mobile phone in the locker and drive. Simple and effective for any driver.